Bethani Dearborn

Talk to her for even just a few minutes, and you’ll see that Bethani is no stranger to helping people fulfill their dreams. A proud Texan and Longview native, she stayed local to attend LeTourneau University where she majored in English. After graduation she married her high school sweetheart, Brian - a transplant from Florida- and right away began teaching 8th grade language arts at Pine Tree Jr. High.

When they found out that same year that they were expecting their first son, Bethani knew she’d walk away from the classroom to be home with him. A few years later, they added two more boys to the mix (Those two were only 9 months and 3 weeks apart, to be exact.), and things really got crazy. All the boys are teenagers now, and she’s often heard wondering how in the world she ever survived those early years.

We are so excited that Bethani brings such a varied background to our office. She’s a retired English teacher and a retired personal trainer. She spent 17 years in direct sales, mentoring and coaching men and women who wanted to earn a living from home. And in addition to her real estate licensure, she also holds a life insurance license. An odd background, yes. But one thing remains constant throughout: she absolutely thrives on helping people identify, pursue, and reach their goals. And what a fabulous quality that is to bring to real estate!

When she’s not shuttling the boys to and from their events or watching her husband play bass guitar for local bluegrass talent Harvest Moon Countrygrass, you’ll find her reading a book, getting in a workout, or just spending quality time with friends.

She may be relatively new to the world of real estate, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who will work harder for you than she will. When you choose to work with Bethani, YOUR dreams for your family become HER dreams for your family. And she won’t quit until she helps you make those dreams a reality.

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